Every Magic: The Gathering set listed in order

A 28-year history.

Image via Wizards of the Coast

Magic: The Gathering is the longest standing and most established trading card game with sets of cards being released as early as 1993.

The 28-year-old card game has 21 “core” sets. There are also 87 “expansion” sets to the game, including the most recently released Strixhaven: School of Mages set that dropped in April.

Dungeons & Dragons: Adventures in the Forgotten Realms will be the 88th expansion set for MTG, coming in July.

Outside of those core and expansion sets, Wizards of the Coast has also introduced some sets that were meant to stay outside of the standard rotation like Modern Horizons, which reprinted cards regularly used in Eternal formats like Modern.

WotC has also printed numerous multiplayer sets like Planechase and Conspiracy, which aren’t included in the Standard rotation. 

Lastly, WotC has produced a handful of whacky “Un” sets that aren’t even legal for DCI-sanctioned play because of the way many spoof-like cards in them break the fabric of MTG as we know it.

With so many sets, it can be difficult to remember where certain sets fell in the overall timeline of the game’s history. Here’s a comprehensive list of all of the game’s core and expansion sets in chronological order.

Alpha (Limited Edition)LEA (1E)CoreAugust 1993
Beta (Limited Edition)LEB (2E)CoreOctober 1993
Unlimited Edition2ED (2U)CoreDecember 1993
Arabian NightsARN (AN)ExpansionDecember 1993
AntiquitiesATQ (AQ)ExpansionMarch 1994
Revised Edition3ED (3E)CoreApril 1994
LegendsLEG (LE)ExpansionJune 1994
The DarkDRK (DK)ExpansionAugust 1994
Fallen EmpiresFEM (FE)ExpansionNovember 1994
Fourth Edition4ED (4E)CoreMay 1995
Ice AgeICE (IA)ExpansionJune 1995
HomelandsHML (HM)ExpansionOctober 1995
AlliancesALL (AL)ExpansionJune 1996
MirageMIR (MI)ExpansionOctober 1996
VisionsVIS (VI)ExpansionFebruary 1997
Fifth Edition5ED (5E)CoreMarch 1997
WeatherlightWTH (WL)ExpansionJune 1997
TempestTMP (TE)ExpansionOctober 1997
StrongholdSTH (ST)ExpansionFebruary 1998
ExodusEXO (EX)ExpansionJune 1998
Urza’s SagaUSG (UZ)ExpansionOctober 1998
Urza’s LegacyULG (UL)ExpansionFebruary 1999
Sixth Edition6ED (6E)CoreApril 1999
Urza’s DestinyUDS (UD)ExpansionJune 1999
Mercadian MasquesMMQ (MM)ExpansionSeptember 1999
NemesisNEM (NE)ExpansionFebruary 2000
ProphecyPCY (PR)ExpansionJune 2000
InvasionINV (IN)ExpansionSeptember 2000
PlaneshiftPLS (PS)ExpansionJanuary 2001
Seventh Edition7ED (7E)CoreApril 2001
ApocalypseAPC (AP)ExpansionMay 2001
OdysseyODY (OD)ExpansionOctober 2001
TormentTORExpansionFebruary 2002
JudgmentJUDExpansionMay 2002
OnslaughtONSExpansionOctober 2002
LegionsLGNExpansionJanuary 2003
ScourgeSCGExpansionMay 2003
Eighth Edition8EDCoreJuly 2003
MirrodinMRDExpansionOctober 2003
DarksteelDSTExpansionFebruary 2004
Fifth Dawn5DNExpansionJune 2004
Champions of KamigawaCHKExpansionOctober 2004
Betrayers of KamigawaBOKExpansionFebruary 2005
Saviors of KamigawaSOKExpansionJune 2005
Ninth Edition9EDCoreJuly 2005
Ravnica: City of GuildsRAVExpansionOctober 2005
GuildpactGPTExpansionFebruary 2006
DissensionDISExpansionMay 2006
ColdsnapCSPExpansionJuly 2006
Time SpiralTSPExpansionOctober 2006
Planar ChaosPLCExpansionFebruary 2007
Future SightTURExpansionMay 2007
Tenth Edition10ECoreJuly 2007
LorwynLRWExpansionOctober 2007
MorningtideMORExpansionFebruary 2008
ShadowmoorSHMExpansionMay 2008
EventideEVEExpansionJune 2008
Shards of AlaraALAExpansionSeptember 2008
ConfluxCONExpansionFebruary 2009
Alara RebornARBExpansionApril 2009
Magic 2010M10CoreJuly 2009
ZendikarZENExpansionOctober 2009
WorldwakeWWKExpansionFebruary 2010
Rise of the EldraziROEExpansionApril 2010
Magic 2011M11CoreJuly 2010
Scars of MirrodinSOMExpansionOctober 2010
Mirrodin BesiegedMBSExpansionFebruary 2011
New PhyrexiaNPHExpansionMay 2011
Magic 2012M12CoreJuly 2011
InnistradISDExpansionSeptember 2011
Dark AscensionDKAExpansionFebruary 2012
Avacyn RestoredAVRExpansionMay 2012
Magic 2013M13CoreJuly 2012
Return to RavnicaRTRExpansionOctober 2012
GatecrashGTCExpansionFebruary 2013
Dragon’s MazeDGMExpansionMay 2013
Magic 2014M14CoreJuly 2013
TherosTHSExpansionSeptember 2013
Born of the GodsBNGExpansionFebruary 2014
Journey into NyxJOUExpansionMay 2014
Magic 2015M15CoreJuly 2014
Khans of TarkirKTKExpansionOctober 2014
Fate ReforgedFRFExpansionJanuary 2015
Dragons of TarkirDTKExpansionMarch 2015
Magic OriginsORICoreJuly 2015
Battle for ZendikarBFZExpansionOctober 2015
Oath of the GatewatchOGWExpansionJanuary 2016
Shadows over InnistradSOIExpansionApril 2016
Eldritch MoonEMNExpansionJuly 2016
KaladeshKLDExpansionSeptember 2016
Aether RevoltAERExpansionJanuary 2017
AmonkhetAKHExpansionApril 2017
Hour of DevastationHOUExpansionJuly 2017
IxalanXLNExpansionSeptember 2017
Rivals of IxalanRIXExpansionJanuary 2018
DominariaDOMExpansionApril 2018
Core Set 2019M19CoreJuly 2018
Guilds of RavnicaGRNExpansionOctober 2018
Ravnica AllegianceRNAExpansionJanuary 2019
War of the SparkWARExpansionMay 2019
Core Set 2020M20CoreJuly 2019
Theros Beyond DeathTHBExpansionJanuary 2020
Ikoria: Lair of BehemothsIKOExpansionApril 2020
Core Set 2021M21CoreJuly 2020
Zendikar RisingZNRExpansionSeptember 2020
KaldheimKHMExpansionFebruary 2021
Strixhaven: School of MagesSTXExpansionMarch 2021
Dungeons & Dragons: Adventures in the Forgotten RealmsAFRExpansionJuly 2021
Innistrad: Midnight HuntExpansionSeptember 2021
Innistrad: Crimson VowExpansionNovember 2021