Daniel Goetschel wins MTG Grand Prix at MagicFest Niagara Falls

A couple of teenagers took the MCQ and Grand Prix titles at Niagara Falls MagicFest.

Daniel Goetschel wins MTG Grand Prix at MagicFest Niagara Falls
Image via ChannelFireball Twitter and Wizards of the Coast

MTG Legacy players from around the globe who headed to Niagara Falls this weekend saw Daniel Goetschel take home the Grand Prix title. The Niagara Falls weekend showcased strong decks and the youngest competitor to win a Mythic Championship Qualifier.

Goetschel, an 18-year-old student from New York, ran the tables with his Stoneblade deck, accrediting Omar Beldin and Thomas Mechin in helping him tune it. Ironically, Milan Bhayana also played a Stoneblade deck to earn his ticket to the Barcelona Mythic Championship in the MCQ tournament on Friday.

The top eight players in the Niagara Falls Grand Prix included Goetschel (Stoneblade), Jerry Mee (Sneak and Show), Kale Orrmons (Grixis Control), Collin Rountree (Death and Taxes), Gerald Fabiano (Miracles), Dustin Buckingham (Grixis Delver), Michael Skipper (Death and Taxes), and Edgar Magalhães (Punishing deck).

The ninth place through top 32 decks in the Niagara Falls Grand Prix included:

  • Four Miracle decks
  • Three Izzet Delver
  • Three Turbo Depths
  • Three Grixis Control
  • Three Grixis Delver
  • Three Stoneblade
  • One Artifact Stompy
  • One Mono-Red Prison
  • One Storm
  • One Sneak and Show

Of all the decks played in the Niagara Grand Prix Legacy tournament, only the Stoneblade deck represented more than 10 percent of the field. But that’s what makes the Legacy format so intriguing and interesting to watch.

The Niagara Falls MCQ and Grand Prix tournaments weren’t covered on any streaming services like Twitch, and fans weren’t too happy about it. Many spoke out, voicing their concerns on Twitter and Reddit. They’re hoping Wizards of the Coast will hear their concerns and increase coverage for Legacy events like Niagara Falls MCQ and Grand Prix.

The next Magic: The Gathering tournament is the second Mythic Championship being held in London from April 26 to 28. The format will be in Limited and will feature the first three rounds being played in the newest expansion to MTG, War of the Spark.