The best MTG Red/Black Treasure matters cards for AFR Draft

Utilize Treasure tokens in RB.

Build an RB shell within Dungeons & Dragons: Adventures in the Forgotten Realms utilizing Magic: The Gathering cards that produce Treasure tokens.

The Magic colors Red and Black in AFR Limited Draft have a Sacrifice and Treasure theme. Utilizing Kalin, Reclusive Painter, and an Uncommon Legendary Draft signpost, the RB Limited build rewards players when a Treasure token is used to cast a spell. Black supports the build with solid removal and Sacrifice shenanigans while Red aggressively controls the board state and pumps out Treasure tokens. 

Kalin, Reclusive Painter (RB Draft signpost)

Kalin, Reclusive Painter
Image via WotC

Kalin, Reclusive Painter is a Human Elf Bard with a casting cost of RB. the AFR artist has 1/2 stats and creates a Treasure token upon entering the battlefield. Susceptible to removal, Kalin pumps creatures that enter the battlefield with a +1/+1 counter when mana from a Treasure was used to cast it. 

Equipment like Leather Armor can help protect Kalin, along with the Black Instant Feign Death.

RB Treasure shell

Shambling Ghast is a solid Black one-drop that contains multichoice abilities upon death, one of which makes a Treasure token. Devour Intellect is another solid early drop that can disrupt your opponent’s hand, especially when a Treasure token is used to cast it. 

Skullport Merchant is a three-drop 1/4 dwarf featuring a mana sink in conjunction with sacrificing a creature or Artifact (Treasure token) to draw a card. Jaded Sell-Sword is a four-drop 4/3 that enters the battlefield with Hase and First Strike when a Treasure token was used as mana to cast it. Hoarding Ogre is a four-drop 3/3 who utilizes the AFR d20 mechanic to create Treasure tokens. 


Unexpected Windfall is a decent four-drop Instant that draws two cards and creates two Treasure tokens. Thieves’ Tools is a two-drop Equipment that prevents creatures with a power of three or less from getting blocked upon attacking. And Dueling Rapier is a solid Equipment that attaches to a creature upon entering the battlefield. 

Devour Intellect hits cards in hand and Grim Bounty is a four-drop Sorcery speed spell that destroys a target creature or planeswalker. It’s on the expensive side for removal but also creates a Treasure token, adding value to the RB Limited build. 

Rare and top-end finishers

Orcus, Prince of Undeath is a Rare AFR Legendary demon with Flying and Trample that can take advantage of an abundance of Treasure tokens. Meteor Swarm is a powerful removal at the rarity of Rare, able to deal eight damage divided as you choose among “X” target creatures and/or planeswalkers.

Red Dragon is a decent Uncommon 4/4 Flyer that works as a top-end card while Inferno of the Star Mounts is a Mythic Rare 6/6 dragon with Flying and Haste. Inferno of the Star Mounts can’t be countered. 

Limited Draft begins on July 8 with the digital launch of AFR via MTG Arena and Magic Online. The global tabletop release is scheduled for July 23.