Best Limited White Common and Uncommon Innistrad: Midnight Hunt cards

Midnight Hunt releases soon.

Innistrad: Midnight Hunt is a tribal set featuring Vampires, Zombies, Werewolves, and Humans.

Humans are a staple tribe in Magic and Midnight Hunt’s primary colors for them is White and Green. Common and Uncommon White cards in Midnight Hunt leverage cheap, efficient Creatures to flood the battlefield with threats. Coven is the primary mechanic in White. The new mechanic gives a variety of effects when you control Creatures with three or more different power stats.

Midnight Hunt will release on Magic Online and Magic Arena on Sept. 16 with a full worldwide tabletop release on Sept. 24.

Here are the best White Common and Uncommon cards in Midnight Hunt for Limited.

Borrowed Time

Image via WotC

As essentially a reprint of Banishing Light this is a solid card. This kind of effect is a staple removal spell for White in Limited. Borrowed Time is even better because of how many death triggers and graveyard effects are in Midnight Hunt. Exile-based removal is important.

Cathar’s Call

Image via WotC

If Cathar’s Call is allowed to stick on the battlefield it will take over the game. Creating a token every turn, even if it is a 1/1, quickly turns into a strong battlefield. This also works well with Human-tribal support cards because the tokens are Humans. This Uncommon is worth playing in most White decks because of the consistent token generation.

Duelcraft Trainer

Image via WotC

White has no shortage of strong Uncommons. Duelcraft Trainer is a four-mana 3/3 Creature with First Strike. This alone makes the card playable in most Limited formats. If you can trigger Coven, Duelcraft Trainer gives a Creature Double Strike at the beginning of combat. This card allows you to force unfavorable blocks and swing for significant amounts of damage.

Soul-Guide Gryff

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This five-mana Creature is playable in U/W Flying in Midnight Hunt Limited. Soul-Guide Gryff is a 3/4 Spirit that can block and exiles a card from a graveyard when it enters the battlefield. With Flashback and Disturb being major mechanics in Midnight Hunt, graveyard hate is necessary in every deck. Soul-Guide Gryff combines graveyard hate with a good defensive body.

Gavony Silversmith

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Gavony Silversmith is a top-end Creature that supports the go-wide strategy of G/W decks in Midnight Hunt Limited. When Gavony Silversmith enters the battlefield you get two +1/+1 counters to put on your Creatures. This is a good stat boost that helps them in combat.