All the rare hybrid cards in MTG’s Strixhaven: School of Mages

You won't see a lot of these while drafting.

Image via WotC

Magic: The Gathering’s latest set Strixhave: School of Mages has five rare cards that each cost exactly four hybrid mana representing each of the set’s two-color combos.

The cards have varying degrees of power, and as rare cards, it’s important to know which ones you might want to try to get your hands on early in a draft.

If you pass up on some of the stronger ones early in a draft, you won’t likely get a chance to see it again.

Here are all five rare hybrid cards in Strixhaven: School of Mages.

Blade Historian

Image via WotC

Blade Historian will be a bomb quality card in hyper aggressive Red and White decks. If you get creatures out every turn prior to dropping it on turn four, this card’s ability to give all attackers double strike will absolutely decimate opponents if they don’t have a way to remove it.

While it’s only an offensive ability, it fits perfectly with the aggressiveness of the Red-White draft archetype of this set.

Daemogoth Titan

Image via WotC

There aren’t very many creatures in Strixhaven that have a high amount of power or toughness, making Daemogtoh Titan potentially very powerful. 

While sacrificing a creature anytime you want to attack or block with him isn’t ideal, you can pair the titan with token generation cards so that you don’t have to sacrifice more valuable creatures.

Anytime you can bust out an 11/10 creature on turn four, it’s probably a good idea in a limited format.

Elemental Expressionist

Image via WotC

This creature utilizes the set’s new “Magecraft” mechanic, and while it’s not one of the best cards in the set with Magecraft, it has some uses.

As a 4/4 for four mana, this is a playable card without its Magecraft effect, but if you’re playing with a lot of instant cards, Elemental Expressionist’s Magecraft ability could save your boardstate from otherwise pesky removal spells.

Dramatic Finale

Image via WotC

This is the only four-mana hybrid that isn’t a creature, but that doesn’t mean it’s not potentially useful.

In Strixhaven, many of the creatures have relatively low power and toughness. So any card that can give your creatures a little bit of a boost is useful.

Meanwhile, the ability to get tokens 2/1 flying tokens when your creatures die will help you maintain a boardstate deep into grindy games of limited.

Manifestation Sage

Image via WotC

Manifestation Sage is underwhelming on the surface as a four-mana card that is only a 2/2, but enter-the-battlefield trigger makes it playable.

The amount of value that you might be able to get out of the card will vary largely on your ability to pair it with draw-power spells that beef up the token he generates.

If you do a good job of surrounding the mage with card advantage spells in your deck, you could very well spend four mana to create a 2/2 and a powerful token with four or five power.