All MTG Arena 2022 summer sale lands, bundles, and more

Get the deals while they last.

Image via WotC

Wizards of the Coast is expanding cosmetic content within MTG Arena by running a limited-time summer sale during the month of August.

The MTG Arena 2022 summer sale will run from Aug. 4 to 17, containing bundles, basic lands featuring new and unique art, avatars, returning cosmetic items, stickers, and more, according to WotC. Not mentioned but shown in the preview art for the summer sale was a card sleeve of Chandra, the Trostani Discordant, a Karazikar, the Eye Tyrant sticker, and a Jace card sleeve. 

WotC previewed three bundles during the MTG Arena announcements, showing off three bundle options. Two of the bundles contain basic lands with alternative art and the third bundle features a variety of card sleeves. More content is slated to get included in the MTG Arena summer bundle sale and will get added upon being previewed or released.

Tokyo basic lands MTG Arena summer sale bundle

Image via WotC

The Tokyo basic lands bundle contains all five MTG lands illustrated by different artists, highlighting Tokyo culture and art. Players can purchase the Tokyo lands for 2,500 gems or 12,500 gold.

  • Plains, illustrated by Rosemary Valero-O’Connell
  • Mountain, illustrated by Yuumei
  • Swamp, illustrated by Mr. Misang
  • Forest, illustrated by Nicole Gustafsson and Maria Tiurina 
  • Island, Illustrated by Andy Williams

Rule the Room MTG Arena summer bundle

Image via WotC

The Rule the Room bundle showcases leaders throughout the Magic Multiverse through card sleeves. The MTG Arena bundle contains four card sleeves. The Rule the Room bundle costs 3,000 gold or 600 gems.

  • Arcanis, the Omnipotent
  • Queen Marchesa
  • Brimaz, King of Orsekos
  • Savra, Queen of the Golgari

Matt Jukes MTG Arena summer bundle lands

Image via WotC

Featuring artwork by Matt Jukes, the basic land bundle contains five dual lands that come into play untapped if the player controls a basic land of that MTG color type. An issue occurred during the Aug. 4 patch, resulting in the Matt Jukes lands getting temporarily disabled.

  • Glacial Fortress: White and Blue
  • Drowned Catacomb: Blue and Black
  • Dragonskull Summit: Black and Red
  • Sunpetal Grove: Green and White
  • Rootbound Crag: Red and Green

Family Means Business

Image via WotC

The MTG Arena Family Means Business bundle offers five card sleeves, showcasing alternative art of the five leaders from each family on New Capenna. Players can purchase the bundle for 1,000 gems or 5,000 gold.

Origins bundle

Image via WotC

Also containing five card sleeves, the Origins bundle showcases alternative art for six Multiverse planeswalkers. The prices of the bundle are 5,000 gold or 1,000 gems.

  • Origins Nissa card sleeve
  • Origins Chandra card sleeve
  • Origins Gideon card sleeve
  • Origins Liliana card sleeve
  • Origins Jace card sleeve
  • Origins Nissa card sleeve

Sticker MTG Arena bundle

Image via WotC

The sticker mega bundle contains a total of 20 sticker emotes, priced at 4,800 gems or 24,000 gold.

  • Reaper Shrug sticker emote
  • Shepherd Glee sticker emote
  • Will sticker emote
  • Rowan sticker emote
  • Professor Onyx sticker emote
  • Ellywick sticker emote
  • Beholder sticker emote
  • Mindflayer sticker emote
  • Much Moon, Very sticker emote
  • Teferi sticker emote
  • Gisa sticker emote
  • Sorin sticker emote
  • Oko Kiss sticker emote
  • Magic Bae sticker emote
  • Tamiyo Hello sticker emote
  • Giada Oops sticker emote
  • Falco Spara Objection sticker emote
  • Elspeth Mic Drop sticker emote
  • Halo Cheers sticker emote

Guidmaster Collection bundle

Image via WotC

Showcasing Guidmaster avatars and card sleeves, the MTG Arena bundle is priced at 3,400 gems or 17,000 gold.

Update Aug. 4 1:15pm CT: All MTG Arena summer bundle sales not mentioned in the announcements were added.