All MTG anime art Enchanting Tales card prices in Wilds of Eldraine

Unique anime art becomes chase cards for Wilds of Eldraine set.

Image of two anime girls through Smothering Tithe in WOE set featuring anime art
Image via WotC

A return to the Magic: The Gathering plane of Eldraine within the Wilds of Eldraine Standard-legal set has included a bonus sheet that features reprinted MTG Enchantment cards with anime art

The Standard-legal set, Wilds of Eldraine (WOE), will capture fairy tale characters and recreate them as MTG cards. This is the second visit to the Multiverse plane following the Phyrexian war and will feature the legendary nightmare planeswalker Ashiok. The WOE set will also feature a bonus sheet of reprinted MTG cards with a focus on Enchantments, called Enchanting Tales, which include unique anime art cards, foil treatments, and card frames.

All Enchanting Wilds anime art cards in WOE

The Enchanting Wilds bonus sheet within the WOE set contains a total of 63 cards. Of the 63 cards, 20 feature illustrations by Japanese artists with a borderless frame. Players can find these anime illustrations and bonus sheet Enchantment MTG cards through Wilds of Eldraine booster packs. Both the normal and anime versions are found in the same slot. 

All Enchanting Tales anime cards worth money so far

A special foil treatment that looks like confetti will also be applied to the Enchanting Wilds bonus sheet cards, including the anime-illustrated ones. These confetti coil cards are found exclusively in WOE collector booster packs. There are a total of 20 Enchanting Wilds bonus cards that have an anime variant, and all anime variants have a confetti foil variant as well.

Image of anime girl studying through WOE anime art MTG cards
Rhystic Study Confetti Foil | Image via WotC

All Enchanting Tales anime confetti foil prices are subject to change prior to launch. Prices are based on secondary market sites like TCGPlayer, MTGGoldfish, and MTGStocks.

  • Smothering Tithe anime confetti foil: Around $220
  • Doubling Season anime confetti foil: Around $140
  • Rhystic Study anime confetti foil: Around $300
  • Omniscience anime confetti foil: Around $150
  • Parallel Lives anime confetti foil: Around $85
  • Kindred Discovery anime confetti foil: Around $50
  • Necropotence anime confetti foil: Around $85
  • Aggravated Assault anime confetti foil: Aropund $30
  • Grave Pact anime confetti foil: Around $60
  • Polluted Bonds anime confetti foil: Around $30
  • Prepercussion anime confetti foil: Around $40
  • Sneak Attack anime confetti foil: Around $35
  • Greater Auramancy anime confetti: Around $70
  • Land Tax anime confetti: Around $55
  • Defense of the Heart anime confetti: Around $55
  • Karmic Justice anime confetti: Around $15
  • As Foretold anime confetti: Around $25
  • Nature’s Will anime confetti: Around $12
  • Bitterblossom anime confetti: Around $70
  • Blood Moon anime confetti: Around $50

Full Enchanting Wilds bonus sheet card list for WOE

All Enchanting Wilds MTG cards on the WOE bonus sheet are legal to play in their legal-to-play formats. These bonus sheet cards aren’t Standard-legal but are legal to play within the Wilds of Eldraine Limited Draft and Sealed format.

Greater AuramancyNecropotenceSmothering Tithe
Rhystic StudyAggravated AssaultDoubling Season
CuriosityIntruder AlarmPrismatic Omen
Defense of the HeartBitterblossomLand Tax
Kindred DiscoverySpreading SeasSanguine Bond
Fiery EmancipationSneak AttackUnnatural Growth
Grave PactParallel LivesNature’s Will
Garruk’s UprisingRepercussionRaid Bombardment
Mana FlareLeyline of LightningBlood Moon
Polluted BondsOversold CemeteryOppression
Intangible VirtueBlind ObedienceDawn of Hope
Grasp of FateGriffin AerieIntangible Virtue
Karmic JusticeKnightly ValorLeyline of Sanctity
Phyrexian UnlifeRest in PeaceAs Foretold
Hatching PlansOmniscienceDark Tutelage
Leyline of the VoidOversold CemeteryStab Wound
Waste NotDragon MantleGoblin Bombardment
CompulsionForced FruitionFraying Sanity
Leyline of LightningShared AnimosityGround Seal
Hardened ScalesLeyline of AbundancePrimal Vigor
Utopia Sprawl

Distribution of the Enchanting Wilds cards is found in all three types of WOE booster packs. Players can collect or pull one bonus sheet card from Draft and set boosters, while collector booster packs can have up to three.

Update Aug. 15 1pm CT: New Wilds of Eldraine anime cards from Enchanting Wilds bonus cards were added.

Update Aug. 17 10:45am CT: New Wilds of Eldraine anime and normal cards from Enchanting Wilds bonus cards were added.

Update Aug. 24 11:30am CT: All remaining WOE Enchanting Tales cards were added along with prices so far heading into launch.

Update Sept. 4 11:45am CT: All WOE Enchanting Tales card prices were updated after prerelease events.

Update Sept. 14 8:30am CT: All WOE Enchanting Tales anime card prices were updated following the global release of Wilds of Eldraine.

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