All curse enchantments in MTG’s Innistrad: Midnight Hunt

Some are stronger in Limited, while others will be useful in Constructed play.

MTG MID artwork by Anna Podedworna
Image via WotC

One of the many flavorful aspects of Magic: The Gathering’s latest set, Innistrad: Midnight Hunt, is the inclusion of four curse aura cards that players can use to punish their opponents.

The rare enchantment cards are technically not a “cycle” because Green isn’t represented in the set of curses. Instead, there’s one curse in each of the game’s other four colors.

The cost of these enchantments varies widely, but all of the cards are similar in that they enchant a player you can target and are meant to be a burden to whoever you select.

Here are all of the curse enchantments in MTG’s Innistrad: Midnight Hunt.

Curse of Silence

Image via WotC

You likely won’t see this curse getting a lot of play in Limited formats. The card, which increases the cost of a chosen card name, is meant to hinder a deck from playing a specific powerful spell.

This will ultimately be a curse that durdling control decks will want to use in specific matchups where they know exactly what card they’re trying to play around. For instance, this might be used as a way to slow down the hyper-aggressive Hammer Time deck that’s popular in Modern.

Curse of Surveillance

Image via WotC

There isn’t necessarily a high likelihood that you get a chance to throw multiple curses on your opponent, but even getting one Curse of Surveillance on them should provide late-game value in a Limited setting.

Anytime you can build recurring card advantage or draw power in a draft or sealed format, you’re increasing the chances that you can get to your powerful bomb-level cards. 

Curse of Shaken Faith

Image via WotC

Similar to Curse of Surveillance, this Red curse could end up being a sideboard card against certain decks in Constructed formats. 

Particularly against spell-heavy storm decks, Curse of Shaken Faith will make players think twice before popping off a powerful infinite combo.

Curse of Leeches

Image via WotC

Curse of Leeches is loaded with flavor. Sucking little bits of life out of your opponent every turn and gaining that yourself doesn’t seem overly powerful, but it adds up.

Image via WotC

In Limited formats, this curse has the added value of turning into a lifelinking 4/4 creature. Because of the variability of draft formats, there’s a reasonable chance you’ll see the Curse of Leeches transform back and forth between its daybound and nightbound forms.