A new MTG mechanic in Doctor Who decks shakes up Commander format

Experience the MTG Commander format in a whole new way.

David Tennant as Doctor Who, standing outside the Tardis while using his sonic screwdriver.
Image via WotC

Wizards of the Coast dropped new information about the upcoming Commander Doctor Who set today, highlighting a new Magic: The Gathering mechanic that allows for two commanders on the battlefield from one player at the same time. 

Tapping into the flavor of Doctor Who, WotC has created a new mechanic that allows players to play multiple commanders at the same time. Throughout the history of the television show, a Doctor always travels with a companion. The new MTG mechanic Doctor’s Companion lets players have two commanders in their deck if one is a Doctor. 

Image via WotC

Every Doctor and their traveling companions are featured within the four Doctor Who Commander Precon decks, with a Doctor having two colors and a companion showcasing a Mono color. This allows players to build around a total of three colors for their Commander deck, as long as both a Doctor and a companion are the commanders for the deck. 

Doctors will each have their own Saga contained in the Doctor Who Commander decks, totaling 15. There are 13 Doctors, along with the War Doctor and Fugitive Doctor. The Sagas tell a story from one of the Doctor Who episodes that features that particular Doctor. Revealed at MagicCon Minneapolis was the art for “The Parting of the Ways,” which aired in 2005.

Image via WotC

The MTG Commander decks will also contain new basic lands, featuring The Tardis on each of the five lands. Each Doctor Who Precon will contain 50 new cards and 50 Magic reprints. And all of the art is new, similar to the Warhammer 40,000 Precon Commander decks

Players can test out the new Doctor Who Magic mechanic when the Commander Precon set releases on Oct. 13.


Danny Forster
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