4 non-Standard legal MTG sets planned for 2022, including return of Double Masters, Commander Legends

The zany -un series returns in 2022.

Image via WotC

Next year is only bringing four Standard-legal sets to Magic: The Gathering. But 2022 is packed with four non-Standard sets that further some of the design space explored over the past few years with draftable formats.

Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur’s Gate, Double Masters 2022, Jumpstart 2022, and Unfinity are set to drop next year. Each product brings a completely different take on Magic’s Limited gameplay and will introduce new cards to a variety of Constructed formats.

Battle for Baldur’s Gate expands on the Dungeons & Dragons crossover set from this year, Adventures in the Forgotten Realms. This will be a draftable Commander set that takes place in Baldur, a pivotal city in D&D lore. The original Commander Legends in 2020 introduced many staple cards to the format—and Battle for Baldur’s Gate should do the same.

Unfinity is the return of the silver-bordered -un series. These cards aren’t legal in any official Magic format, but the -un sets are known for wacky designs with self-referential humor. Unfinity is the first top-down entry in the series. The set was described by lead designer Mark Rosewater as a “retro sci-fi space carnival slash amusement part slash circus.” Full-art basic lands will return in Unfinity, a staple of the silver-bordered products. Rosewater also said shock lands with unique art will be included.

Double Masters 2022 is a sequel to the original Double Masters from 2020. The draftable set is entirely made of reprints. The gimmick of this draft format is that every pack includes two rares instead of the usual one. Each pack will include two rares and two foils. Aminatou, the Fateshifter from Commander 2018 was revealed to be a part of Double Masters 2022.

The release of the digital-only Jumpstart: Historic Horizons coming to Magic Arena this week raised the question of when the series will return to tabletop. Jumpstart 2022 will be the return of the Limited format to tabletop Magic. Each Jumpstart pack contains 20 cards. There will be one new card and one anime showcase alternate art card per pack.