Supercell activates Witch card boost following Clash Royale community vote

It joined the Fisherman card.

Image via Supercell

Clash Royale players will likely see the Witch more often in games starting today since the card is now boosted to the players’ King level, according to Supercell. The company followed a community vote that allowed users to choose between four epic cards to be boosted, including the Witch, Hunter, Wall Breakers, and Electro Dragon.

The Witch joined the Fisherman as a boosted card, allowing players to play both of them at a higher level than usual if they didn’t upgrade them to their King’s level. The boost will end on Aug. 30 for the Witch, and on Sept. 6 for the Fisherman.

Although both cards are usually popular, they haven’t earned the best win rate percentage lately. Both have a 50-percent win rate on the ladder. The Fisherman’s win rate, on the other hand, bumped up to fourth place among the 1,000 best players, while the Witch’s usage and win rate dropped down to the bottom of the rankings, according to RoyaleAPI.

Meanwhile, players still have two weeks to grind the Pass Royale, or free pass, of the 26th season called “Cruise Royale.” They include 35 tiers, which can be earned using either five or 10 crowns collected in games.

The two-vs-two draft challenge and the triple draft tournament will also be available for three days. The challenge can be entered once for free, and then using gems, to earn special rewards.