New Endless Oblivion Elite Pass joins Free Fire, brings exclusive rewards

Both Free and Elite owners can earn rewards by completing up to 45 tiers of the pass.

Image via Garena

Whereas winter-themed and joyful content have been added to many other games in time for the holidays, the new Free Fire Elite Pass features a darker theme. It’s called Oblivion Pass and brings numerous skins, character vouchers, and other rewards.

With the new pass, characters came out from a Japanese-style Oblivion portal to defeat ghost-like enemies. The Oblivion Pass features two exclusive skins in Japanese traditional style mixed with modern combat equipment, with a black color for its male version and white for female version.

Although the Elite pass owners will get more rewards such as countless skins, including both Legendary skins featured in the Elite Pass, the free pass owners will also earn rewards upon reaching higher tiers. Here are the free version’s rewards for the 45 levels:

  • Endless flame and Oblivion banners
  • Veteran challenges unlocking
  • Two cans of pet food
  • Six Gold Royale vouchers
  • Diamond Royale voucher
  • Oblivion jacket, parachute, and top skins
  • Fragment Crate which contains fragments for either Andrew, Nikita, or Olivia and another Crate with fragments for Ford, Kelly, or Misha
  • Discount coupon
  • Three Evo Gun token boxes
  • 800 Gold
  • Usable scan, which reveals the location of players in the plane and in the game
  • Summon Airdrop
  • Resupply maps
  • Bonfire
  • Bounty token
  • Final reward: Awakening Shard which can be used to awaken characters

The battle pass tiers can be earned by completing daily missions, such as completing matches, traveling in the classic mode, and playing for a certain number of minutes everyday.

If the players log in everyday from today until Dec. 9, they’ll also be able to get the exclusive Black Rose Rocker bundle, play cards and a Gold Royale Voucher.

In addition, earning Booyah victories in the matches from today until Dec. 8 will reward players with up to six Booyah boxes to unlock more items and win an exclusive emote.

Meanwhile, the FFCS event, which started on Nov. 20, is approaching its end. It will end on Dec. 6 with a last challenge called Deadbox Drop, which kicked off yesterday. It allows the players to exchange FFCS tokens to get an exclusive backpack skin, a Weapon Royale voucher, or a Bounty Token.

The Oblivion Elite pass will end on Dec. 31 and will then give way to another one celebrating the new year.