How to sign up for the Marvel Snap closed beta on Android

The game's beta will expand to other platforms over time.

Image via Second Dinner

Marvel today unveiled plans for a new game called Marvel Snap that is poised to be a more fast-paced take on the digital card genre. And while there is no set release date for the game yet, some players can get a chance to test it now.

Along with announcing the game, Marvel has started a closed beta of the mobile-first game for Android players. There is no end date set for the beta, but as it continues, more players will be invited to participate across various regions and platforms. 

To begin, only Android users in the U.S., Canada, Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, and New Zealand will be able to get in by completing a survey that can be found on the Marvel Snap website.

How to join the Marvel Snap closed beta

Assuming you meet the requirements for joining the closed beta, you can start your Marvel Snap journey by going to the official website for the game:

At the top right corner of the screen, there should be a purple button that says “Join Beta Test.” Click that button to be taken to more information on the closed beta.

From there, the first paragraph of the release announcing the beta will have a hyperlink through the phrase “SIGN UP HERE.” That link will take you to a closed beta screen that takes about five minutes to complete.

While completing the survey doesn’t guarantee you a spot in the closed beta, it’s the only way that players can get an opportunity. Once you’ve completed the survey, if you are selected to join the beta, you will receive an email shortly notifying you of your access. 

If you’re one of those lucky enough to get a chance to try out Marvel Snap during this testing period, any progress you make during the beta will remain on your account after the game’s official worldwide release. There will not be a progression reset when the game moves from the beta phase to its official release.