How to open crates in Call of Duty: Mobile

More skins, more problems.

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Call of Duty: Mobile brings the core gameplay mechanics of the franchise to mobile platforms. Considering it’s a new platform for the series, CoD: Mobile also experiments with mechanics that are relatively popular among mobile games.

Skins, loot boxes, and other cosmetic items are one of the main ways to monetize titles on mobile platforms. CoD: Mobile players can unlock various cosmetics through crates and other sources that don’t affect the gameplay experience in any way.

Though you can purchase crates, you can also earn them by playing the game or completing challenges. If you’ve never opened a crate ın CoD: Mobile before, however, you may be wondering how you can do so.

Opening crates in CoD: Mobile requires little to no effort since every crate you purchase from the shop unlocks automatically. You’ll need to manually accept your rewards and add them to your inventory to complete the unlocking process. If you’re looking to unlock more than a single crate, you’ll also have the option to open another without returning to the shop.

For the crates that you earn through completing challenges, though, you’ll need to navigate to your loadout in either the multiplayer or battle royale modes of the game.

After entering your loadout, click on the backpack icon at the top of your screen and tap on the crates you’d like to open. Once tapped, the crates will automatically open, and you’ll be able to add the rewards to your inventory.


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