How many players does Call of Duty: Mobile have?

Could CoD be the PUBG killer?

Image via Activation

Call of Duty: Mobile had a shaky launch on Oct. 1, with players complaining about lag and an extensive list of bugs. Despite its problems, though, it quickly found itself at the very top of the Android and iOS charts.

In just a few days CoD: Mobile has surpassed 35 million downloads and has had over $2 million spent on microtransactions, according to mobile app data website Sensor Tower.

Both the Activation and Garena versions of the game have seen success, with India leading the way with 14 percent of installs. In comparison, the U.S reached ninth on the list, attracting 9 percent of its users.

The biggest selling point for the game is its 100-player battle royale mode. It gives players the option to fight it out solo, in duos, or in teams of four. In a similar vein to PUBG, one of mobile’s most popular games, players also have the option switch between first and third-person perspectives.

It’s still early days for the free to play mobile game. If the developers of CoD: Mobile, Tencent and Timi Studios stabilize the game’s connection issues and fix its slew of bugs and error codes, it should be expected to rise even further.

The newly released player figures for the game are an estimate. It’s difficult to factor in China, one of the biggest markets for the mobile game industry. If CoD: Mobile continues to improve and finds a Chinese following, 20 million downloads could easily expand to 100 million and above.