Brawl Stars’ August update with a new brawler, event, and trophy progression changes has been released

Earning Star Points has become easier.

Image via Supercell

Brawl Stars’ August update went live earlier today, bringing with it a new brawler, a couple of new skins, map rotations, and some changes to trophy progression.

8-Bit is the newest brawler to join the game. The brawler has replaced the mega box reward that was given at 6,000 trophies and can be unlocked by all players—as long as you get to 6,000 trophies first. Players who have already surpassed 6,000 trophies will automatically find the brawler in their collection.

8-Bit is a little arcade machine whose movement is very slow. He fires a burst of lasers while his super ability spawns a structure that boosts the attack of all nearby teammates by 30 percent. This will make the brawler a very good support pick in modes like siege and even gem grab.

His star power is the “Boosted Booster,” which increases the radius of the damage boost that’s granted to his teammates by his super ability. Another star power called “Extra Life,” which instantly respawns the arcade machine once during a match, will be released later on. The brawler is launched with the Classic skin valued at 30 gems. 

Image via Supercell

Many people in the community were complaining about acquiring Star Points, but Supercell tackled the problem in this update. Ranks 21 (550 trophies) to 35 (1,250 trophies) have been added to the mobile game. Ranks 25, 30, and 35 will grant a lot of Star Points. Two new skins that will be unlockable with Star Points have also been added to the game. The Pink Piper and Iris Tara skins will both cost 500 Star Points.

Starting next season, the Brawlers’ trophies will be reset to a fixed value that will make Star Points more accessible to higher-tier players since they’ll be able to climb up the ranks again and gain Star Points.

The patch notes for this update also mention a Showdown Moon Festival Event with special graphics set to be added. More details about the event weren’t revealed, but it’ll take place in early September, according to Supercell.