Will New World be released on console?

Don't hold your breath for a widespread release of New World.

Image via Amazon Games

Amazon Games’ new MMORPG, New World, is set to release on Sept. 28. The long-awaited game will finally launch after several delays in both the alpha and beta testing periods, and players will have the ability to explore the world of Aeternum to its fullest extent after a lengthy development process. 

But while many prospective New World players anticipate the title’s launch, others will look to experience the game on their console. Unfortunately for those users, New World will not be available to play on any current and viable generation of gaming consoles. Ahead of the game’s imminent launch, Amazon Games has explicitly stated New World will only be available to play on PC. 

Will New World ever be released on console?

Image via Amazon Games

Amazon Games has said on repeated occasions New World will not be available to play on consoles, and that the studio has no intentions of developing a console version for the game at this time. As recently as July 2021, Amazon Games stated New World would only be available on PC at launch. 

Traditionally, games in the MMORPG genre have mainly been played on PC, but a few have been ported over to consoles in recent years to reach a wider audience. Titles like Final Fantasy XIV, Path of Exile, and The Elder Scrolls Online, for example, were given full-scale console releases. New World, however, will only be available on PC for the time being, and perhaps in the extended future.

New World launches on Sept. 28 through the Steam client. Steam codes for the game can alternatively be purchased via Amazon.