Will Lost Ark closed beta progress carry over?

It will work the same as most other MMOs.

Image via Smilegate

Due to the nature of the MMO genre, players are regularly concerned about their in-game progression anytime they start testing a new MMO in its alpha or beta phase—and Lost Ark is no different.

The Amazon game had its first closed beta begin on Nov. 4 and some players are already wondering if the progress they make over the next week will be saved in the next iteration of the game and when it officially releases next year.

As is the standard with most new MMOs, closed beta progress in Lost Ark will not be saved or carried over once the game officially launches. 

While the FAQ section on the game’s official website does not directly address the topic, the game’s official Twitter account nipped the issue in the bud a couple of months ago by replying to a curious fan. 

“We can confirm that progress from the upcoming Closed Beta will not carry over to release,” the post reads. 

Prior to this closed beta, which ends on Nov. 11, players were able to sign up to be testers. But if you missed your chance to sign up, you can still get into the beta by watching participating streamers who are involved in a beta key Twitch drop campaign.

You only need to watch 30 minutes of Lost Ark play from specific streamers to get into the closed beta yourself.