How to get Lost Ark Twitch drops

You don't even have to watch for that long.

Image via Smilegate

The closed beta for Lost Ark started today, and even if you didn’t get access from signing up to be a tester, you can earn your way into the beta by watching Twitch.

That’s right, Lost Ark is working with Twitch to give viewers closed beta access by watching designated content creators.

To get started, just watch any of the participating channels, which can be found on the Lost Ark drops campaign page on Twitch.

After watching for 30 minutes, you should get a notification telling you that you’ve earned your closed beta key. Clicking the notification will lead to where you can claim your reward in your drops inventory.

After you’ve claimed the reward, head to the official Lost Ark website and sign into your Twitch account through the website. 

From there, you’ll get an email to whatever address is associated with your Twitch account and it will have the access code. 

The Lost Ark beta is being run through Steam, so you’ll need to open your Steam client and enter the code by clicking “Activate a Product on Steam” under the “Games” menu. These steps will also be laid out in the email that includes your beta key.