Best classes to choose in Lost Ark

You've got options.

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Korean MMO Lost Ark has just begun its closed beta phase in the west, and players joining the game now have the chance to try out some of its classes.

Like all MMO titles, classes are extremely important not just to quest through the game alone, but also to synergize with other players in team-based fights. There are five different classes in the beta: Gunner, Warrior, Mage, Martial Artist, and Assassin, all with their own set of advanced classes.

Advanced classes can make massive differences, so picking the right one is an important decision. Whether you’re looking for the best classes to begin with or to suit your playstyle, these are our picks for the best classes to test out during the Lost Ark closed beta.

Best classes in Lost Ark

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Beginner Classes

If you’re new to Lost Ark, then you’ll want to get the hang of things by taking one of the more simple classes in the game. With the ARPG gameplay, you’re going to take on a lot of enemies at once, and this can be an issue fpr many of the lower health classes if you aren’t experienced.

The best beginner class is the Warrior with the advanced class Berserker. The Bersker wields a greatsword capable of doing massive damage without getting too close to their enemies. This class is extremely straightforward and has ample health, so you’re not going to be taken out so easily.

Another great beginner’s class is the Mage, with the advanced class Summoner. The Summoner can bring forth multiple pets that will battle for you, leaving you at a safe distance. The damage output is adequate, so if you’re after a ranged class and are just now getting the hang of the game, take the Summoner.

Best Tank Class

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For tanks, there is no class that can compete with the advanced Warrior class Gunlancer. With a lance that allows for some range between them and their enemies and a massive shield to tank damage, this class is the perfect choice if you’re looking to soak up enemy attacks for your allies. With ample HP, great armor, and defensive skills there is no better tanking role in the game than the Gunlancer.

Best Support Class

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Those who want to step back and help out their allies should choose the Mage advanced class Bard. The Bard might be vulnerable to enemy attacks, but they boast plenty of spells to buff themselves and allies, as well as some reasonable damage to get out of sticky situations. It may take a little getting used to this role, but once you’ve got it down, there is no better way to support your allies in Lost Ark.

Best DPS Class

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Most of the classes in Lost Ark do great damage and there are multiple that do excellent damage, but the advanced Gunner class Sharpshooter stands out. It allows the player to remain at a safe distance and deal devastating hits. With both long-range bolts from bows and summons available to help out in combat, this is the perfect class for players who want to focus solely on DPS.