Why is Lost Ark not downloading?

Steam users are not happy.

Image via Smilegate

Lost Ark, the new MMO that launched for those who bought Founder’s Packs today, is giving players a lot of hassle right at launch time.

Steam users who were able to pre-load the game are now unable to download data that was pushed through just before launch, making the game impossible to play. For many Steam users, the download button won’t even work.

Many fans who have waited to play the game and took the time to pre-download it are angry that the developers are requiring another download that wasn’t included in the pre-download. Some have been able to get into the game, but a large majority is stuck with connection time-outs on Steam.

Lost Ark was set for early access today for those who purchased a Founder’s Pack. The price ranges from $15 to $100 for each pack, and all of them include a three-day head start on play. The MMO is published by Amazon, the same company that developed and published New World, which was also highly anticipated and suffered a tough launch.

Many players are flocking to social media to voice their frustrations to the company and are asking Lost Ark for an update on the servers and when their Steam copy of the game will start downloading. There’s no time frame on when the game will be available for Steam players and there’s also no fix for the issue right now.

Players will have to wait for Steam and Lost Ark to sort out the issue.