New World rolls out new servers and free world transfers to remedy long server queues

You can get in on the action on a new server with no wait and then move elsewhere once queues die down.

Image via Amazon Studios

New World launched around the globe over the past 24 hours, but for a lot of players, there has been little opportunity to get in on the action due to massive queues to get into the game.

To remedy this, the Amazon Games team has been active in implementing new servers that players can join to free up queues on other servers. Players will also be able to transfer their characters between servers for free in the next two weeks, meaning you can begin playing on a server that you may not stick with going forward.

As servers went live, 10 new worlds were rolled out in Europe. Eight new Australian servers soon followed. Over the last few hours, New World has announced new servers for North America West and East, in addition to plans to add even more Australian servers later today.

US East has received 28 new servers, while US West launched just eight. Once servers went live in these regions, it was immediately clear that there wasn’t going to be enough server space for all players to start playing. Even streamers like Asmongold were stuck in queues with more than 10,000 other players.

Right now, it isn’t clear how many more servers are planned to come to Australia later today, but there will be a 30-minute downtime in place for players in the region before they go live.