White Wind vs. Estoque: What ship is best to upgrade in Lost Ark?

Do not waste your precious upgrade materials on the wrong option.

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Lost Ark is an MMO game focused on exploration. You’ll start the game by moving on your mount, but sailing will become your main means of transportation after reaching level 50.

As such, getting an efficient ship with the right crew is essential to save you some time and get far without requiring you to fix your ship too often. Ultimately, it will save you time and silver.

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So what ship is best to upgrade? At first, you will likely have only two options: the White Wind, earned by completing Anikka’s main story, and the Estoque, the game’s base ship.

You will also get the Sturmbrecher upon completing North Vern’s storyline, but it’s built specifically to sail through glaciers rather than other locations on the map, leaving you with the White Wind and Estoque options. Here is the best ship to upgrade when you reach the end game.

White Wind vs. Estoque: What ship is best to upgrade in Lost Ark?

Both ships have their pros and cons. First, the White Wind has high durability, allowing it to travel further without needing to activate Marinas or docking in harbors.

On the other side, the Estoque has a better base knot speed and more resistance to hazards, which are zones that will reduce the durability of the ship when sailed through.

Since there are numerous harbors and Marinas along the borders, players will likely need more speed and resistance than durability. For this reason, it’s better to upgrade the Estoque than the White Wind.

Then, you can choose different strategies by picking your crewmates. Some will give more speed to the ship, while others grant more resistance to specific hazards. Depending on where you’re going, it’s the safer bet to adjust your crew accordingly.