What are Lost Ark’s daily and weekly server reset times?

You'll need to know when the servers reset to get the most out of the game.

Image via Smilegate

Thanks to Amazon Games and Smilegate RPG, Lost Ark has arrived for fans around the globe and the MMO is quickly building up a sizable player base.

If you’re investing your time into completing dungeons, PVP, and raids to gear up your character, you’ll want to know the most optimal way to distribute your time. A big part of that is being familiar with when the servers will reset.

Right now, some things are still a mystery given how close we are to the game’s free-to-play launch, but here’s everything we know about Lost Ark’s server reset times.

Lost Ark server reset times

Image via Amazon Game Studios

If you’re looking to time your play for once resets have rolled out each day, the time this will take place is either 1am or 2am depending on daylight savings in your timezone.

This is done so that raids, PVP events, dungeons, and more are maintained for players. Each region will receive these resets at slightly different times as resets are scheduled with an offset to the server’s zero hour.

Here’s the general rule for what time you’ll receive your update in each respective region in respect to Universal Time.

  • NA West: UTC – 7
  • NA East: UTC – 4
  • Central Europe: UTC +1
  • South America: UTC – 3

Right now, it isn’t clear exactly what day weekly resets will take place as the game has not been available to players around the world for a week yet. Once we know, this article will be updated to reflect the day. In terms of time, it will likely be the same as daily resets.

All server reset times are subject to change as Smilegate has said that they will be adjusted to “best fit player and server needs.” This means that any of these times could change in the future. A good time gauge for players can be found in the in-game UI, which reads server time rather than your local timezone.