Three new weapons may have been revealed for New World: Daggers, Blunderbuss, and Void Gauntlet

The new weapons were spotted in gameplay shared to YouTube.

Image via Amazon Games

While New World may have had its release pushed back a month and won’t launch until Sept. 28, details of new additions to the game have begun to surface online thanks to a Let’s Play series.

YouTube channel Rocket Beans appear to have had a chance to spend some time in the world of Aeternum despite the game not being accessible for players until its open beta weekend on Sept. 9, and fans pointed out that there are three new weapons in the footage.

The new weapons supposedly coming to the game are a one-handed weapon class called Daggers, a new ranged weapon Blunderbuss, and the Void Gauntlet magic weapon.

Footage of these in-game seemingly confirms reports from dataminers throughout New World’s closed beta that these would indeed be joining the game at some point. But with the Blunderbuss not having its own icon yet, this could still be quite some time away.

The game’s description of Daggers says they are dual-wielded one-handed weapons for use in close-ranged melee and short-ranged throwing combat. According to the footage, the Blunderbuss is a ranged weapon with high damage cartridges “ideal for keeping targets at a distance and long-ranged combat with a high payoff for precise aim”. However, this could just be a copy of the description for the Musket. Unfortunately, at no time in the footage was the Void Gauntlet highlighted, so we didn’t get a chance to see the description for that.

During New World’s Gamescom showcase, a developer showed off concept art for a new “Supernatural Weapon” that would be coming to the game shortly after launch, which could potentially be the Void Gauntlet.

It isn’t clear what build of the game Rocket Beans have been granted access to for their let’s play series, and if it will be what players are provided with during the upcoming open beta weekend. It is also not clear when these weapons will be introduced into the game.

New World is set to enter its open beta phase for the weekend beginning on Sept. 9 ahead of its Sept. 28 release date. There is a chance that during that weekend, we may get to see some of these new weapons in action.