How to play the New World open beta

A new last-minute beta is on the way and anyone can play this time.

Image via Amazon Games

After delaying the release of New World, Amazon announced today that it will have a second beta next month before the game officially launches.

While the game was supposed to be released at the end of August, some loose ends that were exposed during a closed beta in July led to Amazon pushing the release date back one month to Sept. 28.

The beta, which started toward the end of July and lasted a few days into August, was technically closed but anyone who pre-ordered the game was given access to the beta. 

This time around, beta access will be open to anyone. This will help Amazon test some of the server population issues that the game experienced during the closed beta.

The beta this coming month will start on Sept. 9 and last until Sept. 12. Players will be able to request access to the beta starting on Sept. 8 at 9am CT.

To get into the beta, you’ll need to request access to the open beta client through New World’s official page on Steam with the Steam Playtest tool.

Changes to the game from the closed beta to the open beta will be on the game’s official forum pages.