The best DPS classes on Lost Ark

There are many to choose from.

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The players who wish to play DPS classes in Lost Ark are in luck. While there are only two tank and two support classes, there are many more in the DPS category.

In the MMO game, all classes are viable even in high-end duties. But some excel at different aspects, which will suit more some playstyles than others. For this reason, it’s hard to state that some DPS classes are truly better than others. Instead, getting the highest damage output depends mostly on engravings, gems, and gear, so focus on gear optimization to maximize your impact in combat.

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Best melee DPS classes


Best Lost Ark Deathblade builds for PvE and PvP | Rock Paper Shotgun
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The Deathblade is one of both subclasses of the Assassin. The other subclass is the Shadowhunter, and it’s quite similar to this one but features the additional mechanic of the demonic form. For this reason, it’s a bit more difficult to master than the Deathblade.

Both subclasses deal a significant amount of damage in short time windows, but the Deathblade is often considered slightly better in terms of pure damage because the class engraving Surge is highly valuable on the Deathblade, although it’s also punishing.

The drawback of those classes, however, is that they require many positionals since they are melee classes. Some abilities deal additional damage to the rear of the opponents and others in front of them.


Best Lost Ark Wardancer build for PvE and PvP | Rock Paper Shotgun
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The Martial Artist class features four very distinct choices. And while they’re not the most popular classes in Lost Ark, they have a lot to offer. Out of the four subclasses, the Wardancer stands out due to their versatility.

In addition to decent damage, they offer crucial utility to the group due to buffs and debuffs. That Martial Artist’s subclass harnesses the power of the elements to enhance their abilities. Although they have positionals, they also have some mobility to make them more versatile.

If you’re looking for more raw damage, the Striker deals decent damage. The Scrapper is also considered a powerful class, but it is harder to master.

Best ranged DPS classes


Sorceress | LATree
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The Sorceress is quite a unique class in Lost Ark because she’s the only Mage subclass focused on DPS, the other one being the support subclass Bard. She deals an insane amount of damage in PvE fights, but she’s much harder to play in PvP, where melee classes strive.

She’s also a great class to begin with and her capacities feel nice, as she controls the elements. It’s probably why she belongs to the most popular classes in the game. Her only drawback is the cast time of her abilities. It requires some timing management and dodging the enemies’ attacks at the right time.


Best Lost Ark Gunslinger Build For PvP and PvE
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The players who want to opt for the Gunner class have many choices available, as there are four subclasses in this category. They are all DPS but feature very distinct playstyles. The Gunslinger, however, stands out thanks to her damage output.

She’s more accessible than some other Gunner classes and is the most versatile. She features both melee and ranged abilities, which makes her fun to play. Her main drawback is the cast delay she has on some abilities, which requires good timing management, similar to the Sorceress.