The best Bard builds in Lost Ark

You can change builds when playing solo and in a party.

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Lost Ark offers a generous number of classes to test out at launch, and the choice will be definitive. For that reason, you should take your time when making your decision. If it’s already done and you’ve chosen Bard, though, know you’ll be the ally everyone wants in fights.

The Bard is an advanced class of the Mage, which is chosen shortly after creating a character. This support class can only be played by female characters. The Bard uses the harp’s melodies to deal damage to enemies and provide buffs for her allies. The class also features some crowd-control abilities such as knockbacks and stuns.

You’ll have a crucial role in your party, since the Bard must stay alive to help its allies in the fight. She must be careful of her positioning at all times since she’s squishy and can die easily compared to other tank and DPS classes.

Here are the best Bard builds in Lost Ark based on our experience. Since a lot of building comes to preference, you can adapt the abilities to best fit your playstyle and test out different tripods, which significantly change their use in combat.

The best Bard Builds in Lost Ark

Typical support build

SkillSkill LevelTripod ITripod IITripod III
Wind of Music10/10Quick PreparationMelody IncreaseWind of Protection
Heavenly Tune10/10Quick PreparationTough TuneIntense Tune
Sonic Vibration10/10Protective VibrationBrilliant WaveWide-Angle Attack
Dissonance4/10Melody Increase
Guardian Tune10/10TenacityEndless ProtectionWind of Protection
Rhythm Buckshot4/10Melody Increase
Rhapsody of Light10/10Quick PreparationNote BrandShining Protection
Harp of Rhythm10/10Summoning WillMelody IncreaseNote Brand

This build will provide the most utility for your team. You will focus on pushing the enemies back when they come too close to your party and apply AoE damage in areas where your DPS will also be able to receive your buffs.

If you need a bit more damage, you can swap out one of those attacks for Soundholic with a level 4/10 and the Tripod I Sound Concentration.

Solo build

SkillSkill LevelTripod ITripod IITripod III
Stigma10/10Sustain EnhancementBrilliant StigmaPain Brand
Heavenly Tune10/10Quick PreparationCourageous TuneIntense Tune
Sonic Vibration4/10Protective Vibration
Dissonance10/10Melody IncreaseLaw of the JungleHarmony Enhancement
Wind of Music10/10Quick PreparationMelody IncreaseWind of Protection
Soundholic10/10Sound ConcentrationSustain EnhancementFocus Fire
Sound Wave4/10Excellent Mobility
Sound Shock4/10Maintained Explosion

The solo build isn’t that different from the support build, but those adjusted Tripods will allow you to deal more damage when playing alone, rather than focusing on crowd control and buff effects. You’ll also have to adjust your playstyle since your encounters will be longer and you’ll have to be more aware than ever of your positioning in the fight.

PvP build

SkillSkill LevelTripod ITripod IITripod III
Wind of Music-10/10Quick PreparationMelody IncreaseWind of Protection
Heavenly Tune-10/10Quick PreparationTough TuneIntense Tune
Sonic Vibration-10/10TenacityChain VibrationSpreading Vibration
Dissonance-7/10Melody IncreaseLaw of the Jungle
Prelude of Storm-10/10Quick PreparationMelody IncreasePowerful Prelude
Sound Shock-7/10Maintained ExplosionSacred Shock
Soundholic-10/10Sound ConcentrationSustain EnhancementFocus Fire
Stigma10/10Wide-angle attackBrilliant StigmaPain Brand

In PvP, know you can be as flexible as you want. It’ll all depend on your personal playstyle, on your allies, and on the meta.

If you see an overwhelming number of a specific class in your PvP scenarios, try to adapt to counter them as best as possible. It’ll also depend on how you like to assist your allies. You can go for this build, and then adjust after playing a few PvP encounters.

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