Square Enix reveals Endwalker title screen on Final Fantasy XIV Letter from the Producer

The players are getting the first look of Hydaelyn from this point of view.

Image via Square Enix

Square Enix offered fans tons of information about Final Fantasy XIV‘s next expansion, Endwalker, in its latest Letter from the Producer LIVE today.

The show focused mostly on the job changes coming alongside the expansion and showed the rotation of both upcoming classes, Sage and Reaper. The developers also revealed the upcoming title screen that will replace Shadowbringers‘ at the start of the show.

Players will be greeted by this new screen when launching the game when loading in with the expansion purchased.

They can see the moon rotating around the planet Hydaelyn, where the FFXIV story takes place. In Endwalker, the players will venture on the Moon, although it’s still unclear how and in which circumstances.

It also shows the game’s interface won’t be much different, except for the “Game Start” button, which only states “Start” in screen titles from previous expansions.

Although not much is known about which quality-of-life changes can be expected from Endwalker, most players are hoping for some improvements and refreshes for the game’s menus.

The Letter from the Producer livestream gave fans sneak peeks of areas from the upcoming regions of Endwalker, including the Moon, Thavnair, and other unknown places.

The livestream also outlined changes for battle classes, with a job trailer showing off the new additions, followed by a detailed breakdown by the developers. All jobs are set to receive significant adjustments, whether it’s reworks of some abilities or new ones.

FFXIV‘s next expansion will be different than the previous ones because it’s introduced as the epic conclusion of the main story that started with A Realm Reborn‘s remake. It will release on Nov. 23.

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