Players reporting 7-day respawn bug in New World

Don't flag up for PvP and don't die.

Image via Amazon Games

All of the servers for Amazon’s newest MMO New World are up and running, but the bug reports are coming in droves. The biggest and most obtrusive bug to be found so far is when players get a seven-day respawn time after dying.

The bug is related to a different glitch that renders certain enemies or other players unkillable. These players or enemies that are invulnerable cause the seven-day respawn bug when they kill the player. Those who die by killable enemies or by environmental damage aren’t reporting the seven-day respawn bug.

There’s been no official acknowledgement of the bug yet from Amazon Games, nor is there an estimated timeframe for it to be fixed. For now, it’s recommended to not flag up for PvP and to avoid dying at all costs.

The only way to get around the respawn time is to close the game and re-queue. This bug goes along with another prevalent glitch that prevents certain players from taking damage. Certain players tagged up for PvP can’t be damaged and those who die when taking damage from those players, or from any other source of damage that kills them, are met with a respawn time of seven days.

Screengrab via Amazon

Once players close the game, they have to re-queue into their server, which depending on the server could mean that players would have to wait hours to get back into the game. Some players have even reported that their queue times have gone up before they’ve crawled back down.

It’s not surprising that a game of this magnitude, and with this many players, would launch with bugs. But this bug is causing a lot of strife in the community. Those who just want to play the game and waited in queues for a long time to finally make it in aren’t happy about having to re-queue due to a bug.