New World Public Test Realm guide: Tips and tricks for the PTR

A new world to explore in New World.

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The New World Public Test Realm has been released, giving the dedicated players of the Amazon Games MMO a huge collection of new content and updates to explore and try out.

For those unfamiliar to how the New World PTR works, it can be installed from your Steam library if you’re a New World owner, and it lets you create a single character. Before you jump into testing out the new content, here are just a couple things to be aware of when you start playing the New World PTR.

Choose a starting level based on the experience you want

You have three choices of starting level when you enter the New World PTR; level two, level 16, and level 60. Whichever one you choose determines what kind of gear you’re given, and what kind of activities you participate in. Your starting level also determines how many attribute points you’ll have available at start, with level 60 obviously having the most. You’ll have enough weapon mastery points to fill out any weapon tree no matter what level you start at.

If you want to experience the natural flow of the game with the new quest types, new enemy varieties, and “new and improved” main storyline quests, you’ll start at level two and receive some decent starting armor, weapons, and tools.

If you’re interested in fighting the new enemy group, the Varangian Raiders, the level 16 starting point is for you. You’ll start with some improved weapons and armor, and even some bag choices.

If you want to try out the new endgame content, including the new Legendary Weapon Quest series, then starting at level 60 is your best choice. You will have an almost overwhelming amount of weapons and armor to pick from after creating your character.

Do not open everything they give you

No matter what level you choose to start at, do not open all the play tester boxes and bags they give you when you spawn in. As unopened containers, they take up about five pounds of space in your inventory, but if you open all of them up then your inventory will be filled with thousands of pounds of gear, weapons, consumables, gems, and tools.

Here’s all you should be opening:

  • One Playtester Toolbox: Contains one of each gathering tool.
  • One Playtester Armor Box: Pick the box that focuses on your ideal main attribute stat line. Includes a light, medium, and heavy set, plus a trinket.
  • One Playtester Weapon Box: Gives you one of each weapon, but you can salvage the ones you don’t want.
  • One Playtester Consumable Box (only when you’re at a Storage Shed): Gives you a plethora of potions and meals. Keep the ones you need, dump the rest in the shed.

The rest of these containers can be put into storage until they’re needed. Some won’t be needed at all.

How to find Abigail Rose in Everfall and start the new Varangian quest

One of the new features added to the PTR is a mission that deals with the new enemy group, the Varangian Raiders. To get this quest, you have to find Abigail Rose in the western wilds of Everfall.

After you spawn in as a level 16, turn in your first quest before heading to Everfall. Head northwest to Bradbury Fields, then take the small pass between the mountains to the west. Turn left towards the new landmark Stonereach Keep. But before you approach the Keep, turn left again to go into the cliffs. You’ll find Abigail up on the rocks, watching over the Keep.

She’ll tell you the Keep was once her home before an unrecognizable group of soldiers showed up. She’ll give you a level 20 quest called Tenacious Rose, asking you to investigate the Keep to figure out why the Raiders are here. This begins the quest line.


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