How to access the New World PTR

The ins and outs of the Public Test Realm.

Image via Amazon Games

Amazon Games introduced the New World Public Test Realm on Nov. 9, a place for players to test out new content and provide feedback as early and as often as possible. 

The PTR is a “limited-availability server-set” that will give players an early look at upcoming features, according to Amazon. These preview builds will be “snapshots” of upcoming updates—not final versions. 

Amazon hopes players will look out for bugs, crashes, missing quest text, and other issues on the test realm, and report them to the devs via the new PTR sub-forum.

“Between our internal testing efforts and your feedback, we hope to catch and resolve all serious issues before they reach the live servers. Hundreds of changes have been made and the full release notes will be shared on release day,” Amazon explained

To help the “feedback process,” all newly created characters on the PTR will be able to instantly level to “select level ranges” and equip appropriate gear and items. 

When a test period is complete and the New World live servers are updated with all the previewed content, the PTR worlds will shut down and reset.

How to get access to the Public Test Realm

Everyone with a copy of New World can find the New World PTR application in their Steam library. Downloaded as a standalone application, the PTR officially opens on Nov. 10 at 2pm CT. 

PTR servers will be limited at first, with one world available in US East and one in Central Europe. Amazon will likely increase server and server capacity in the weeks and months to come.