Make It Rain event launches in FFXIV, rewards exclusive emotes and MGP boost

The perfect emotes for group-posing.

Image via Square Enix

A new event called Make It Rain has joined Final Fantasy XIV, where players can complete tasks and earn exclusive emotes.

Players can begin the event’s quest in front of the main Aetheryte of Ul’Dah, by speaking to Ollier, a serious-looking man in a suit.

You must have a job of at least level 15 and have completed the city-specific Envoy quests from the Main Scenario to unlock it.

Screengrab via Square Enix

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This year’s event will reward players with two emotes: show left and show right. It makes your character kneel and open their arms to dramatically show the element on its side.

Additionally, a 50 percent increase in Gold Saucer’s MGP rewards will be applied until the Make It Rain event ends, so it’s time to complete your Fashion Contests each week and try your luck in Cacpots. Some selected items also saw their price reduced for the time of the event.

This bonus is available to all players, regardless of the event’s quest completion. Meanwhile, the Crystalline Conflict’s first season is still ongoing, and players can still earn weekly-limited gear upon completing Endwalker’s first Alliance Raid, Aglaia.