Lost Ark’s May Update will launch new Legion Raid, Guardian Raid, and Destroyer class

It has been teased for the third week of the month.

Image via Smilegate

Lost Ark fans will have tons of new content to discover later this month with the May update—including a new Legion Raid and another Guardian raid, as confirmed in a blog post yesterday.

As previously revealed, the May update will bring the first Legion Raid and the Destroyer subclass, the two main new features the players are looking forward to the most. The release of Valtan, Lost Ark‘s first Legion Raid, and the addition of the Deskaluda Guardian Raid were still under observation, though Amazon Games and Smilegate decided to release both features alongside the May Update.

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Valtan will be the first Legion Raid to join the game. It will likely be even more difficult than Argos and will “require teamwork to understand and execute the strategy,” according to the developer. Similarly to Argos, the players will be able to tick several checkpoints through the progress of the fight.

Deskaluda, the upcoming Guardian Raid, was also revealed and is still confirmed for the May update. It will be available to players with a gear level of at least 1415.

More content will be added to South Vern in May, including Wild Wings Island and various activities to complete in its lands, such as a Field Boss, Chaos Gate, Ghost Ship, and Chaos Dungeon.

Guilds will also receive new activities alongside the next Major update: Island Siege, a PvP activity in which guilds face off against each other, and Raid Match, a series of collective time-limited PvE challenges.

The shop will also receive a slight update with more skins joining. Skins from Neria’s Wardrobe will remain in Lost Ark for a month. Moreover, Challenge Guardian Raids will be added with the update. These include three Guardians to defeat for significant rewards and a weekly rotation. Additionally, the game will scale players’ levels, which lowers the barrier of entry in those activities.

The other changes will include quality-of-life adjustments and balance changes. It’s still unclear if a Powerpass will be given for the Destroyer alongside the class’ launch, like when the Glaivier joined the roster last month.

May’s Major update is scheduled to release in the third week of the month, but its launch is subject to changes considering how its development will evolve by the scheduled date.