Lost Ark servers under maintenance to lay the groundwork for upcoming major patch

Many fans are disappointed.

Image via Smilegate

Like every Thursday, the Lost Ark servers have gone under maintenance for a weekly update. But, contrary to what many players expected, it won’t release all the upcoming content teased in the roadmap since it’s scheduled for “later this month.”

Today’s patch, which will be introduced following maintenance expected to last eight hours, is only laying the groundwork for next week’s major patch. It’ll only introduce additional log-in rewards.

“The team will be making changes to the backend structure of the game to prepare for the content update coming later this month,” the developers wrote in the patch notes.

It will add a week of login rewards, as follows:

  • Five Regulus’ Light Currency Chests
  • Three Battle Items Chests
  • 30 Phoenix Plumes
  • Two Fusion Material Selection Chests
  • Three Leap’s Essences
  • Five Una’s Tasks Daily Instant Completion Passes

Many players have shown their disappointment following the patch notes because they expected the major patch to be introduced today instead of later this month since the developer had hinted at it releasing in the middle of the month.

Moreover, a release date for the major patch has yet to be officially revealed by Amazon Games, which means it could be introduced on April 21 or the following week, on April 28.

The developers have responded to the criticism, saying they “planned to share this ahead of this week’s maintenance much earlier on, however in working through update builds it was discovered that additional changes and fixes were needed and these plans had to shift.”

They also promised to “seek way to provide more information” to players in the future.

Since the servers went under maintenance at 2am CT, they’re expected to get back online at 10am CT. Check the Lost Ark server status page to see if they’re available, or you can follow the official Twitter account to be notified when ready to go.