Images from now canceled Marvel MMO surface online

They showcase a few interesting features from the game's character creation menu.

Image via Marvel Comics

Last week it was announced that the Marvel MMO was canceled, with the developer EG7 evaluating its strategy and deciding to focus its resources on other, long-term projects.

Nevertheless, it didn’t stop a few people from sharing details about the canceled project. Recently, Ramiro Galan, a principal designer at Pixelkings, a company that was working on the Marvel MMO, shared a couple of images from the game on ArtStation. These mostly include various menu options, from choosing your faction to creating your own, personal character.

In one of the pictures, it shows that players have to choose from one of four possible factions—X-Men, Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D, and Fantastic Four. All of them are widely known amongst Marvel fans since they feature in comics, movies, and games from Marvel.

Another image includes a menu where players can choose an outfit for their character. Every outfit comes with a different set of perks, with some giving increased speed, while others focus more on increasing power and agility, for example. Some other pictures showcase creating a hero’s model, picking a name, and selecting superpowers.

The pictures shown by Galan have one thing in common: they’re very colorful, and each color plays really with the other. That seems to have been the plan, judging by the description on the portal. “Emphasis was on rich and vibrant colors with stylistic tones that pay homage to Spider-Man Into the Spiderverse,” it reads.

Despite the game being canceled, Marvel fans still have many options to choose from. Heroes from the comics are regularly joining Fortnite, while Square Enix is still regularly updating Marvel’s Avengers.