Marvel MMO canceled, developer to focus on other projects

It's the second Marvel MMO project to be canceled.

Image via Marvel Comics

The development of an ambitious Marvel MMORPG has been canceled, EG7 revealed today.

“Based on the re-evaluation of the development risk profile, size of investment, and the long-term product portfolio strategy for the group, the board has decided to change the development priorities and reallocate resources within the group to focus on alternative long-term projects,” the global gaming cooperative said.

The company had reportedly planned to invest more than $50 million in the project in the space of three years but has decided to allocate this budget to smaller-size projects instead, including The Lord of the Rings Online and DC Universe Online.

The Marvel MMORPG was part of the Investor Presentation from Daybreak revealed in fall 2021. It was planned to launch after 2022 as a “longer-term” project, alongside IGI Origins, which is now scheduled for this year, and 83. It was the only project described as an AAA game from the company.

The game was a revived version of another Marvel MMORPG project initiated by Daybreak, which was canceled in 2018, reportedly resulting in a round of layoffs in the company.

Meanwhile, EG7 is working on short-term releases for this year, including Evil v Evil, Block N Load 2, as well as publishing many indie games from Fireshine.

It’s also focused on major updates for the LOTR Online game, as it’s expected to receive a new wave of players due to the upcoming Amazon series, scheduled for September 2022.