How to unlock South Vern continent in Lost Ark

Defend the lands of Arkesia once again.

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The first Major patch was introduced in Lost Ark over two months following its Western release, bringing a ton of new content to keep the game fresh.

While many players are still trying to upgrade their gear to the maximal level, others already have completed most of its content and will be thrilled to discover the new South Vern continent to uncover its story and secrets.

But first, they’ll have to unlock the area. Here is how to do it.

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How to unlock South Vern continent

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To unlock the South Vern continent, you must complete a few steps. First of all, you’ll have to unlock a quest, and it requires you to reach an item level of at least 1,340 and to complete Punika’s main quest (the blue one).

If you have met those two conditions, you’ll be able to start out the quest. To do this, you must follow those steps:

  • Launch the game and log in on your main character.
  • Open your Quest Journal by pressing J.
  • Click on the Guide tab.
  • Accept the purple quest called “[Guide] Guides: South Vern.”
  • Head back to your In Progress tab and follow the next step, which will take you to North Vern.
  • Complete a few steps and you’ll be headed to the Wishnel Village, one of South Vern’s two areas.

If you don’t see that quest in your Guide tab, it either means that you already accepted it and it was moved to your “In Progress” tab, or that you don’t meet the quest requirements.