How to get the legendary Shadow Pegasus mount in Lost Ark

Traverse Arkesia with a new trusty steed.

Screengrab via Smilegate

Lost Ark has been officially released in the west for more than a week now, and with its long-awaited arrival, millions of players have come crashing to Arkesia’s shores with the hopes of scratching their MMO itch. 

In light of this success, Lost Ark developers Smilegate, have decided to give out some goodies to their players as part of the Lost Ark Launch Celebration Event, which started this week. Among these gift items is a chest containing two legendary pegasus mounts for players to choose from.

To claim it, all you have to do is log in between 11:59 am PT on Feb. 19 and 11:59 am PT on March 1. If you’re having trouble locating the gift, here’s where to find it.

First, click on the box with an arrow pointing to it in the top left of your screen.

Screengrab via Smilegate

Then, select your gift and click “claim.” Once done, head to your inventory and right-click the item to open it. You should see an abundance of new goodies in your bag, including the Mount Selection Chest.

Now, simply pick which legendary pegasus you want. You can choose (the much cooler) Terpeion of the Shadow or, if that’s not your style, the white Terpeion is also a great choice.

Along with your Mount Selection Chest, you will also receive:

  • 10 Healing Battle Item Chests
  • 10 Offensive Battle Item Chests
  • Three Legendary Rapport Selection Chests
  • A Weekly Trade Potions Pack
  • 20 Phoenix Plumes
  • Midsummer Night’s Dream Instrument Skin Selection Chest