How many players does Lost Ark have?

Its Western launch was a huge success.

Image via Smilegate

Several years after its initial release in South Korea, Smilegate’s MMO Lost Ark has made its way to the West.

A day after its full release on Feb. 11, the game surpassed one million concurrent players on Steam, setting the record as the second-highest peak of concurrent players behind PUBG. It also cemented itself as one of the top games on Twitch with over a million peak viewers reached in the category.

This surge of players has put the game’s servers to the test, leading to long queues and persuading Amazon Games (the publishers of the game in the West) to add a new Europe West region to shorten queues a few days after its release.

It has led many fans to wonder how many players Lost Ark has, and how the number of players compares to the servers in South Korea.

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Number of players in Lost Ark

In addition to gathering over a million players at peak hours in February and averaging 500,000 concurrent players during the day, Lost Ark‘s Western release has garnered 4.7 million new player registrations, half in North America and the other half in Europe, according to GameSpot.

The MMO is also immensely popular in South Korea. The top Korean streamers on Twitch are often playing Lost Ark, and Smilegate has constantly been adding more servers to meet the player’s demand. The latest server was added in August 2021.

And the game’s popularity is still growing in the East. Japan-dedicated servers were added in 2020, and last summer, the game broke its record of the highest number of concurrent players with over 240,000. It’s still unclear, however, how many players are registered in total in those particular regions.