How to fix the ‘stuck in queue’ error in New World

"But all my friends are inside."

Image via Amazon Games

New World finally released after a long wait, and countless fans are flooding into the servers to start their journey. When the demand exceeds the expectation, though, servers may start crumbling under pressure, preventing players from logging into the game.

If you’ve been experiencing connectivity issues, it’s likely to be related to New World’s servers. Knowing how to check New World server status can save you a lot of time while troubleshooting the error you’re experiencing since you’ll have no option but to wait for a fix if the servers are down.

The “stuck in queue” error has been one of the more annoying ones since it only prevents players from getting into a server. Though the game’s main servers should be operating fine if you can make it to the server selection screen, your server may still be experiencing an outage. Check out the server status of your world to see everything is fine. If your server seems down, you’ll have to wait out the “stuck in queue” error.

If the server in question is up and running but you’re still getting stuck in a queue, it may mean that it’s one of the more popular servers in the game and you may need to take your business to another server for the time being. Each server has a maximum player cap and once that’s reached, players will be put into a queue. The queue will move relatively fast on most servers, but if you’re looking to get into one of the most popular ones, it may take a while for you to get in and it can even feel like the queue gets stuck sometimes.

Players who’d like to continue to play in the server where they receive the stuck in queue error will either need to continue waiting or log out of the game to try their chance in a couple of hours. If you have a chance to play during off hours, it can be a great alternative, especially during the launch period of New World. Once the hype levels get back to normal, this error should take its place in the New World history books.