How to check New World server status

Make sure everything is up and running.

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The last thing you want to encounter when playing any game is server issues.

But when a game as popular as Amazon’s new entry into the MMO space New World launches, issues are likely to arise.

Server issues can be minor and fixed as easily as a quick server reboot, but other issues take maintenance to repair and could cause servers to go down for an extended duration of time. When this happens, you may start up the game to find you can’t get on but aren’t sure why.

The best thing to do in this situation is to check on the server status of the game. Thankfully, Amazon Studios have made this easy for New World, and here’s where you can find out.

How to check New World server status

Image via Amazon Games

To check the status of your New World server, head to the official support website here.

At this link, you’ll find tabs for each region with a list of servers available to players within. Each of these servers has a symbol next to them identifying their current status.

Servers with a green tick are up and running with no reported issues. Those with a red cross have been taken offline. If there is a yellow spanner, the server is undergoing maintenance. And finally, if there is a blue gauge with the hand pointing at max, then that server is full.

For further details or updates on issues or upcoming maintenance, you’ll want to check the New World social media accounts or forums.

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