How to complete The Crystal Line’s Call side quest in Final Fantasy XIV

PvP is a whole new world now.

Image via Square Enix

As the first major patch since Final Fantasy XIVs Endwalker release, Patch 6.1, also known as Newfound Adventure, has brought many changes and new content to various aspects of the game.

In addition to new Main Scenario Quests, a new dungeon, Extreme trial, and Alliance raid, the developer also introduced the biggest PvP rework in years.

One of the main changes is the addition of the Crystalline Conflict mode. With a smaller scale than other PvP modes, it’s meant to become the most competitive mode in the game.

It features two teams of five players that have to escort a crystal further than the enemy team. It’s very different from other PvP modes, since they are large-scaled, with large maps and many objectives. But first, players have to unlock it. Here’s how to do it.

How to complete The Crystal Line’s Call side quest

Screengrab via Square Enix

To get the first quest, head to Lower La Noscea and speak to the Moraby Drydocks Ferry Skipper. He’ll offer you to sail to the Wolves Den, which is where you can unlock modes and rewards. If you are already attuned to the area’s Aetheryte, you’ll be able to teleport there directly.

Once there, speak to Gungi Zelungi, the Grand Company Attendant. He’ll take you to one of the Crystalline’s Conflict maps to introduce you to the game mode with a fast cutscene. If you need an explanation of the rules, speak to him again before heading to a game.

Be careful: since the PvP was reworked, you’ll have to assign all your abilities again to your hotbars.

If you have yet to unlock PvP modes at all, it’ll take you a bit longer. Head to your Grand Company’s headquarters and look for an NPC with a blue quest (New Gridania for Twin Adder, Ul’dah for Immortal Flames, and Limsa Lominsa for Maelstrom). He’ll take you to the Wolves Den, the same place where you unlock more PvP modes. Level 30 is required to unlock them.