Here are the notes and updates for FFXIV Patch 6.08

More job adjustments.

Image via Square Enix

A new update was introduced to Final Fantasy XIV today. Patch 6.08 features adjustments to jobs to balance the new meta brought by Endwalker.

Some jobs have been heavily underrepresented in high-end content such as the Asphodelos Savage raids, according to FFLogs. For this reason, game director and producer Naoki Yoshida has brought buffs to certain jobs to keep them in line with the strongest in the meta.

Here are the FFXIV 6.08 patch notes.

Job adjustments

  • Paladin
    • Potency of Spirits Within, Expiacion, Blade of Faith, Blade of Truth, and Blade of Valor have been increased.
  • Warrior
    • Potency of Tomahawk has been increased by 50.
  • Dragoon
    • Potency of Raiden Thrust, Stardiver, Heavens’ Thrust, and Chaotic Spring have been increased.
    • Range requirement for effect and range for cast have been increased for Dragon Sight, PvP included.
  • Ninja
    • Potency of Spinning Edge, Gust Slash, Aeolian Edge, Armor Crush, and Hyosho Ranryu have been increased.
  • Samurai
    • Potency of Hakaze, Jinpu, Shifu, Ogi Namikiri, and Kaeshi: Namikiri have been increased.
  • Machinist
    • Potency of Drill, Air Anchor, and Chain Saw have been increased.
  • Dancer
    • Potency of Cascade, Fountain, Reverse Cascade, Fountainfall, and Technical Finish have been increased.
  • Black Mage
    • Potency of Fire III, Blizzard III, Blizzard IV, Fire IV, and Xenoglossy have been increased.
  • Summoner
    • Potency of Astral Impulse, Ruby Rite, and Fountain of Fire have been slightly increased.

It’s still unclear if these changes will be enough to bring the jobs back to high-end content, but it’s still good news for enthusiasts of the game.

Data Centers

The Oceania data center, Materia, has opened. Home World Transfer service has resumed and players can now earn numerous bonuses for transferring their character to one of those Worlds.

In addition to those changes, a dozen bugs were resolved and DualSense/Dualshock 4 compatibility was added. The official list of patch notes can be found here.