Guild Wars 2 releases spring roadmap, details next 4 months of content

There's plenty to look forward to.

Image via ArenaNet

Guild Wars 2 players are in for a treat today since the next four months of content was detailed in a blog post, among a plethora of other news.

On March 15, the End of Dragons polish update was released, containing several days’ worth of small updates that fixed a bunch of bugs and made adjustments to the Dragon’s End meta, as well as the ability to buy the Turtle mount with Jade Sea writs.

For the next four months, players now know what they can expect in terms of what’s coming to the game. The first of which is set to release on March 29 and includes another polish build and the Super Adventure Festival, which is an April Fools’ Day event that comes around every year.

Image via ArenaNet

The rest of the updates are listed below with their respective dates.

  • April 19: Aetherblade Hideout Strike Mission Challenge Mode, Living World Season One Episode One.
  • May 10: Xunlai Jade Junkyard Strike Mission Challenge Mode
  • May 24: Kaineng Overlook Strike Mission Challenge Mode, Zhaitan Legendary Weapon variant, Living World Season One Episode Two
  • June 7: Dragon Bash Festival, Harvest Temple Strike Mission Challenge Mode
  • June 28: Profession balance update, new Legendary Weapon variant

Many longtime players will notice that Living Story Season One is on the schedule. That’s because after years of it being unavailable, or only available for a short period of time after it was released, this season will be made available to players for free in the coming weeks.

Many of the Strike Missions are getting Challenge modes added, which will increase the difficulty for them, making them a stepping stone to raids. Two festivals, Super Adventure Box and Dragon Bash, are returning this year and there’s a profession balance coming at the end of June.

Image via ArenaNet

As announced before the expansion launched, Aurene’s Legendary weapons are getting some variants that align with each of the Elder Dragons—and two of those variants are coming in the next four months. The first will be Zhaitan and the second is unannounced. But since Zhaitan was the first Elder Dragon the Commander took down, it’s plausible that Mordremoth might be the next Elder Dragon Legendary variant since it’s the second one the Dragon’s Watch killed.

Because the developers are planning to release more State of the Game blog posts, players could see more roadmaps like this in the future as the development team leads to a more transparent future.