Final Fantasy XIV and XV event to return next week with return of Regalia mount

The players will have plenty of time to enjoy the seasonal event.

Screengrab via Square Enix

The crossover event between Final Fantasy XIV and Final Fantasy XV,A Nocturne for Heroes, will come back to the MMO on Sept. 13.

A dedicated web page was also added to show the players all the content they will be able to enjoy during the event. The main focus of the annual event is the Regalia Type-G, one of the most popular mounts in FF XIV, which features a fancy flying car with a modern theme.

To kick off the event, the players will have to speak to Kipih Jakkya in Ul’dah’s Steps of Nald, the same NPC for The Rising event, to begin the quest line called The Man in Black. The players will have to reach at least level 50 to begin the quest, and complete the A Realm Reborn‘s main scenario.

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The event will offer new and returning items from the FF XV game, featuring a modern and dark theme. On top of the Regalia mount, an armor skin and a hairstyle for both genders will be available too, and numerous orchestrion rolls.

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Image via Square Enix

Players who already completed the event’s quest line will be able to relive them by doing them again, but without the gains they earned upon first completion.

The FF XV event will kick off on Sept. 13 at 3am CT and will end on Oct. 18 at 9:59 am CT. It will leave plenty of time for the players to enjoy the event, and try to grind Gold Saucer points to unlock the Regalia mount.