Here are the notes and updates for FFXIV Patch 6.15

Players will discover many new quests, including Arkasodara, Hildibrand, and Omega content.

Image via Square Enix

Hildibrand enthusiasts will be thrilled to know that Endwalker’s questline is being released with the latest Final Fantasy XIV update.

The patch, which is set to go live on June 7, will also bring the new narrative arc linked to Omega raids, more custom deliveries, the Arkasodara tribal quests with their corresponding rewards, and additional items.

Here are the notes for FFXIV Patch 6.15.

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FFXIV 6.15 patch notes

New quests

  • Two new Chronicles of the New Era quests, from the questline “Omega: Beyond the Rift” added.
    • The players must be level 90 and complete Endwalker MSQ, as well as Omega’s last quest “A Dream in Flight.”
  • New quests from “Tataru’s Grand Endeavor” line, linked to Alliance raids.
  • New Hildibrand quests added.
    • The players must be level 90 and complete Endwalker MSQ, as well as the “Don’t Do Dewprism” Hildibrand quest.
  • New Custom Delivery quests added.
    • The players must have crafting or gathering job level 80 and complete Endwalker MSQ, as well as the “Go West, Craftsman” delivery quest.
  • New Arkasodara tribal quests added.
    • The players must be level 80 and complete Endwalker MSQ, as well as the “A Budding Adventure” quest.
    • The beast tribe currency, rewards, and daily quests were added too.
  • New Game Plus quests added.

Other new content

  • New Housing items added.
    • Includes outdoor and indoor Furnishing.
  • New Orchestrion rolls added.
  • New Recipes added.
  • New music, achievements, and trophies added.
  • New gathering locations added.
  • New mount and minion added.
    • They’re linked to Arkasodara quests.
  • New custom deliveries for Ameliance NPC in Old Sharlayan.
  • High-end gear can now be desynthesized, sold, and submitted for expert deliveries.
    • It mainly consists of Moonward gear.

PvP changes

  • Ninja has received a nerf.
    • Hidden effect now ends upon using Sprint.
    • Meisui’s base cure potency reduced by 2,000.
  • Black Mage has received a nerf.
    • Paradox charges are removed.
    • Night Wing’s half-asleep effect no longer has an effect on movement speed.
    • Soul Resonance damage reduction effect lowered by 10 percent.


  • The game’s client can no longer be launched on Windows 7 and Mac 32-bit.
  • Several bugs fixed, linked to quest dialogues, Adventurer’s Plates, PvP, and quest symbols.
    • More bug fixes and quality-of-life changes on Adventurer’s Plates are scheduled for patch 6.2.

The developer also revealed that Data Center Travel, which will allow players to migrate from one continent to another, will be implemented in Patch 6.18. Its release date has yet to be revealed.