FF XIV’s upcoming Endwalker tank, healer job abilities reportedly leaked

Fans will be able to take a real look at them after Oct. 13.

Image via Square Enix

The wait is almost over for Final Fantasy XIV fans since the upcoming expansion, Endwalker, is going to be released in less than two months. As its release date approaches, the developer has revealed more information on upcoming content.

But a recent leak has shown more information that the developer meant to reveal later, according to an anonymous post on the 4chan forum. It shows every spell and ability that will reportedly be introduced or changed with the release of Endwalker.

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On top of revealing more details on job changes affecting existing tank and healer classes, the leak shows information on Sage’s mechanics. A Reddit user noted that the names of the abilities refer to Greek medical terms, such as Prognosis, Egeiro, and Icarus.

The leak shows that Sage may feature healing spells with standard cast times and potency values compared to other healing jobs, as well as several potency buff abilities and DoT damage spells. It also reveals alleged details for the Eukrasia and Adder’s Gall gauges.

Many players noticed the reported changes to the Scholar. Some criticized the lack of changes impacting this job following the live letter’s reveal, but the leak shows that the use of fairies and some other things will likely be different in Endwalker after all.

It will reportedly get a new ability, “Protraction,” for example, which will increase “maximum HP of a party member or self.” It will be unique to the Scholar. The fairy’s gauges will be reworked, as well as some abilities involving them, according to the leak.

After revealing the new job rotations in a live letter from the producer a few weeks ago, including upcoming jobs Sage and Reaper, a media event was hosted with an embargo set for Oct. 13. This leak can be linked to this event since the guests have had access to all the information on job changes.

These leaks are subject to change and can turn out to be different upon Endwalker’s release, however. Fans will get a more detailed preview of the expansion’s content starting on Oct. 13 when the guests invited to the latest media event will be authorized to reveal what they saw. Endwalker will be released on Nov. 23.