Everything you need to know about the South Vern continent in Lost Ark

Will it be similar to its North counterpart?

Image via Smilegate

There are countless lands and seas to explore in Lost Ark, and they’re soon going to be soon expanded with the upcoming release of the South Vern continent later this month. It’ll be the first region to be introduced since the Western region was released in February, and it will bring much new content.

“The settlers of South Vern borrowed technology from many different races to turn this once-barren land into a place of abundant waters and green pastures,” Amazon wrote in the roadmap. “Ealyn, the Queen of Vern ordered Knight Commander Avele to investigate. What could be happening to this peaceful continent?”

This region will be introduced into the game later this month, although the developer has yet to disclose the specific release date. It will likely join the game alongside one of Thursdays’ weekly updates of April.

Here is everything you need to know about the South Vern continent on Lost Ark.

South Vern, the highest item level continent in the game

This upcoming region will be available to the players who already have completed all the story quests in the game, including Punika’s, and have reached item level 1,340. It refers to the middle of the current Tier Three item levels, with an average of +10 honed gear from that Tier.

Completing the main story quests from this region will likely reward the players with more honing gear, similar to the previous story quests. It will also open a new Adventurer’s Tome to complete, three dungeons, one world boss, and much more.

In the Korean version, you can’t simply sail directly to South Vern to begin the story quest. But it will begin in North Vern’s Vern Castle instead, where you’ll speak to an NPC that will begin the process. You’ll have to do a bit of running around before accessing the story part of South Vern. It’s unclear if the Western version will follow the same process, but you should check your quest journal before trying to sail there and possibly waste your time and silver.

If it’s similar to the Korean version, South Vern’s main story will take approximately five hours to complete. Then, you’ll have various purple quests to clear and you’ll be done.

Once completed, the main story quest will open a new route to navigate the seas easier: the players will be able to teleport from South Vern to North Vern, and vice versa. It will offer a new way to go from the Western part of the map to the Eastern part without crossing the dangerous barrier that divides both parts in the sea.