When does the South Vern continent come out in Lost Ark?

The 14th region to be released.

Image via Smilegate

More Lost Ark players are unlocking high-end content every week, while others are still discovering the game or are focused on exploring the seas.

Amazon Games is already working on releasing new content both for hardcore and more casual players, as revealed in April and May’s roadmap to know what to expect in the near future.

The South Vern continent is the next region to be added to Lost Ark. It will feature its own set of story quests, raids, and Adventurer’s Tome to complete, but an item level of 1,340 will be required to explore.

“The settlers of South Vern borrowed technology from many different races to turn this once-barren land into a place of abundant waters and green pastures,” Amazon said. “Ealyn, the Queen of Vern ordered Knight Commander Avele to investigate. What could be happening to this peaceful continent?”

The region’s release will likely unlock Punika’s Knowledge Transfer, too, which will be useful to the alternate characters who’ve reached Tier Three minimal gear level. Here is when the South Vern continent will join Lost Ark.

South Vern release date

The South Vern continent will be introduced to Lost Ark on April 21, according to the developer.

Most players were expecting to see it join the game around mid-April, but the developer had mentioned that they had to delay the Major patch due to requiring an unexpected preliminary patch to “prepare for the content update coming later this month.”

When the region is introduced, players who have completed Punika’s story quests will see a new blue quest appear in their journal, notifying them that the region can be entered.